Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rotate and Donate

Hello 3DBin-ers,

We have to share with you about that incredible new opportunity:
Great new start-up Goodwillion gives you an opportunity to donate to a good cause and at the same time get an incredible opportunity meeting new people, the ability to pitch your company to the biggest VC in Silicon Valley etc. How incredible is that?! You Bid on the auction like on the E-bay for the meeting that you want and all the money goes to the Charity you pick.
3DBin Inc. created it is own auction on Goodwillion to support Tatiana, who have cancer and needs all our support to cure it.
You can place your Bids and help Tatiana by clicking on the link below:  http://goodwillion.com/lot/21109
If you place the biggest Bid, You will get the 3D of yourself made by the CEO of 3DBin. Plus the tour of the 3DBin office and you will learn the whole story of this Company!
Absolutely great idea! Congratulations to Goodwillion! We cannot wait to see who will place the biggest Bid and will come to visit our office to get his/her 360 degree view of themselves!

It is only 8 days left before the Auction is over. You can place your bid on the 3DBin Auction or/and create your own auction!

Good Luck!


3DBin team

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