Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Make a 360 Degree Photo View of an Object

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The importance of choosing a high quality picture is highlighted by how you took your picture, maybe also affected by the lighting effect and how you Photoshop your picture by adding some cool effects on it.

Having a good and attractive professional style picture can have a big effect especially in advertising sectors based on how you market your product effectively. This is true for today’s technology world as you can see that how people market their products at online auction sites like eBay, Amazon, and any websites that people market their products.

Introducing you a powerful web technology to create professional looking 360 degree view of a product. This technology is supposedly built to help you market your product in a different way. It lets your visitors to see a full 360 degree satisfaction details view of your product by taking a full one round spin on it and also spin back again.
To use this service, just shoot your product or object with a camera by turning the object approximately by 15 degree in one direction once you have finished taking one picture continuously. There are 360 degree all together in one round, so at the end you probably will have 24 pictures taken. Like a GIF format animation file, the more frames of pictures you use, the smoother your picture move. Hence, the rotation will be more smoother for more pictures you take after those pictures are being converted into a special flash file where you can embed it later.
Learn more at


3DBin Team


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Great Product Presentation

One of the best tools for e-commerce to enhance their sales is a great product presentation.

You have to give your customers the ability to see the product from all the angles, post great quality pictures and write the full description of your products.

Let's talk about all three components!

     1.  360 degree view  

There are different ways of creating 360 degree view or 3D, but 3DBin services make this process faster, cheaper, and easier than anyone else I have seen.  You don't need to use expensive design studios or  buy 3D lasers to create all your products in a 360 degree view. All you need is to take several pictures around the object you are planning to do the 360 degree view of, upload them to the website and click the button "create 360 degree view." In several minutes you will be able to see four different versions of a 360 degree view. Pick the one you like the most and copy/paste the embed code to your website. You can choose two different formats Flash or HTML5 and show your 360 degree views on all kind of devices!

     2.  Great Quality Pictures

To be able to create great quality pictures you don't need to set up a studio or buy any special equipment. All you need is to take a picture with any camera or even iPhone and post the picture to the  Using that web site you will get a professional picture that you can post on you web site right away! The automated algorithm processes the background and makes any picture look like designers were processing it on the Photoshop or some other program. This service is totally free! You can use that service or make several pictures and only for $1 create a 360 degree view of your product at

     3.  Full Description of your Product

 Using any e-commerce platform that allows you to create your own website you can find a section where you can put the description of your product. However, for the customer it is sometimes difficult to find all the different elements of the product presentation because they are located in slightly different places. I suggest you use the 360 degree view product tour tool! You can see the example following this link:
In one place you can put the 360degree view of your product, plenty of the great quality pictures and the full description of your product! It will make the shopping experience of your customer so much easier and will increase your sales!


3Dbin Team

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Anna Uvarova, CEO of 3DBin, Inc. tells all about how it works

Anna Uvarova, CEO of 3DBin, Inc, after winning the Funders and Founders conference,
Life 3.0 – Augmented Reality and New Media, gives an interview. 

Life 3.0 is an innovation show by startups that change the way you live.  Life 3.0 is the next era after Web 2.0, when internet comes off the screen and enters our lives. At Life 3.0 were presented by far the most innovative startups in augmented reality. More information about that conference and our start-up you can find at:

In the video we made after the conference you can learn the story of 3DBin project and How our service works. 
It is very simple: You just take several pictures around the object, post them on our web site: and get your 360 degree view in several minutes! You can also learn more about our 360 degree view service at
Please check out our video below and leave your comments! We are looking forward to see your feedback our 360 degree view service!


3DBin team

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to create great product presentation for your website using 3D Bin

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Ecommerce market is growing rapidly, according to the research conducted by Forrester Research Inc estimated from US Census Department monthly retail sales figures, projected that 192 million U.S. consumers will shop online in 2016, up 15% from 167 million in 2012. Much of the growth in U.S. e-commerce sales comes from online retailers improving their web sites, services and selling tools.

The main goal for any online store is to gain traffic and enhance their sales through different selling tools. One of the most important selling tool is a good product presentation.

The components of a good product presentation are a full descriptions and a 360 degree view of the product.
The 360 view is more visually appealing to the customer because it can be seen from all angles. It is easy and affordable for any online store to create.

Here are simple three steps to create a great product presentation:

  • Take several pictures around the object on a white background. You can take pictures using a regular camera but using a tripod make things easier.

  • Upload your photos to

  • Get your own 360 degree view of an object within 5 minutes which you can share on your website.

You can also create a 360 degree view Product Tour presentation.
Here is an example of one:

If you want to learn more about 360 degree view or 360 degree view Product Tour, visit our website at!


3DBin Team

Rueter, Thad. “E-retail spending to increase 62% by 2016“ 27 February 2012.       5 September 2012 <>