Friday, November 20, 2009

3DBin for Home Business (Make 360 car view for home business)

I wanted to tell you about my first business idea with which I started my entrepreneurial life. Because I did not have money, experience or business connections I tried to start with a simple and easy to realize kind of business. This only demand for this business was that it was not common to everybody.

It happened to be the time when a friend of mine wanted to buy a new car. He was not fixed on any brand or type of car and just wanted to have a look at what the market could offer to him.

He always complained about the bad descriptions and the poor quality of pictures in the advertisements. As a matter of fact he is no car expert and because of that he did not even know how certain cars should look like or in which categories they would fit.

My business idea was to look at the car advertisements in newspapers, Internet forums and on Internet sites and called the people advertising their cars. I offered them the following service for $20:

1. Make a perfect 3D picture of the car that provides a 360 degree view on the car from every angle. This would help the potential buyer to see real condition of the car and to notice every detail.

2. To publicize the advertisement on every regional website that offer car sales with the 3D picture and thus increase the chance to really sell the car.

On my first day I had 20 customers and earned $400! It is also possible to even earn more money if you go to a car market and search your customers there, but even without that I figure that $400 are not bad for the first day working on a business simple as this. After some time I had beside occasional also regular customers, mostly car dealers. Especially for them this idea was really profitable, because they just bought a car, paid 20 bucks and one day later their new car was already on every website for Internet car sales with a 3D Photo. My advantage was that I had a permanent income and I could expand my business. Right now I do not even take pictures myself, I already hired two photographers. One of is always taking photos on car markets and the other one drives to customers who hire us.

Do you know another way to make money that easy? I do not!

I only had an idea and a camera. Newspapers do not cost that much and to look at Internet sites is for free. My 3D Photos where created by an Internet site ( One picture costs me $1 for one month which is also not a huge amount of money.

As you see there are very small start-up costs for this kind of business. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and set yourself clear goals and you can built up a business just like mine.

some examples:,

Good Luck

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to sell cars faster with 3D photo.

Cars are powerful machines propelling us across vast distances, following all the rules of the road of course. They are the fruits of countless hours of engineering and design. It’s time to show your customers how cars were meant to be seen online: with our 360 view photo.

As a car retailer, you are interested in increasing your sales and profit margin. How much can you increase your sales, if the large majority of people who purchase cars purchase them from dealers who are closest to them?

Don’t geographically limit your customers:

We are living in a global marketplace. Customers are across various geographic regions, purchasing products they that are often out of driving distance. In the context of car shopping, the irony lies in the fact that they are buying a mode of transportation they usually can’t get to!

Buying a vehicle is a major purchase for every individual. It is a stressful experience where the consumer attempts to gather as much information as possible about a product before deciding to acquire it. Purchasing a used car is no exception to this rule and frequently causes significantly more stress on the customer due to the unknowns of the car.

Why not ease their minds and reduce the number of unknowns? Why not let your distant customer get excited about being in your cars, with our 360 view photos? We aren’t living in a two-dimensional world, stop presenting your products as such!

Impress your customers:

Using our services, you can create breath-taking images of the cars in your inventory, allowing the customers to imagine what it’s going to be like IN the car. The following example should give you great insight into what we mean:

It’s Easy!

In order to create your 360 view photo, all you need to do is take a couple of pictures of your car following the easy-to-use directions described on our website:

Show yours customers that you are willing to go the extra mile when displaying your products.

Try it…for free!

We know you’re committed to growing your business, just like you are committed to growing our. Recognizing this important fact, we want to give you a taste of what our services can do for you. Try it for free for six months, absolutely no obligation and no pressure when those six months expire. Just email us or DM @3dbin_com for a coupon. We strongly believe it will make a positive difference on your profit margin.

We’re always happy to talk so feel free to ask us about any of our services either through e-mail: or through the feedback tab on the right hand side of our website.

Don’t be shy! Hop-in and take let’s go for a spin with 3DBin.Com.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

About 360 degree product view

Many people choose to make their purchases online because it's easy and less time consuming. Recent studies showed that around 20% of Internet users shop online once per week and this number is growing strong. This is good news for manufacturers and retailers but it also has a downside: companies are investing more money in online store development therefore the competition is increasing.

The hard part of converting online shoppers into buyers is to get them past the point where they need to see a product in person. No matter how large monitors grow, viewing a product from a stationary perspective is a boring exercise. The consumer invariable thinks how can I see the other functions? What does it look like from the side, the back? How can I get a closer look? How can sellers solve this problem? One of the decisions is using 360 degree product view. 360 degree product photography is interactive, it improves the whole shopping experience because of their better feature communication and gains trust bonus points for your shop and products. It also increases the likelihood to make a purchase due to the fact that you present more information than "the other virtual shop". Well crafted 360 degree rotating product images are user friendly and include simple controls allowing companies to use them in multimedia presentations, trade shows and interactive product catalogues and also increase their brand awareness.

Now, you might say "If is not heavily used in e-commerce shops it might be hard to implement, not suitable for my products or very expensive". But it's not. New on-line web software solution for sellers makes using of 360 degree product presentation fast and easy, just like inserting a flash animation, YouTube video or an image to website. It can be used for most of the products sold online like shoes, clothes, jewelry, gifts, consumer electronics, computer hardware, toys, house wares, sports equipment, health, watches and beauty products, etc. And the best part is that it's free.

More and more companies are leveraging 360 degree or 3D product animations on their web sites and in some cases throughout their distribution networks. Some of your competitors are using 360 degree product movies but they are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars working with overpriced agencies and expensive photo studios. provides low-cost product presentations.

It’s going to be as common as the "home button". In 3-4 years all major product manufacturers will have 360 degree or 3D product presentation. Even today’s web site is losing business with the absence of 360 degree, spinning or 3D product perspectives. With Ad-Words and web sites costing so much these days, why not add the missing ingredient that will improve conversion ratios and make your web site and company more successful.

Get your 360 degree product view - use online solution by

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Monday, August 31, 2009

How to use 360 Degree Product Spin for eBay sellers

Frequently Asked Questions for eBay sellers

What is 360 Degree Product View?

If we take 15-30 images in sequence and load them into an adobe flash based player we are able to show those images in a 3d viewer so your users are able to navigate your product in a 360 degree view. This technology started with motion pictures. AAlso You can insert photo gallery and product description at you 3DPhoto, as shown in this example.

How to use this 3DPhoto free?

more samples...

Why do I need use 3DPhotos?

This type of product photography will enable your customers to get a 3-D view, giving them a virtual real life experience. Using this 360 degree spin technique, they will able to see the necessary details in order to make an informed buying decision. This 360 degree experience is proven to increases sales, improve site content.
In a 'real' shop customers like to 'handle, examine and explore' an item prior to purchase. Rotating 360 degree images simulate this for the customer. This level of engagement allows customers to fully explore products thus creating more sales and fewer product returns.

How much will it cost?

3DBin has 3 subscription plans. One of them named "Basic account" is absolutely free. It means that You can use service, and dont't need pay for it.

How do I integrate these in my ebay?

It's simple. You only need copy and paste the HTML to eBay and 3DBin made all instead of you. To find more see our tutorial.

How does it work?

You will take some pictures of a product as shown on video tutorial, we process them, assemble them in Flash and allow you to drag and rotate them at will.

If you have any question please visit our contact page and send us feedback.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

New application for Myspace and Facebook

"I'm not flat!" Thats is the credo of 3Dbin team via using social servises in the Internet.

This way might look your profile in Myspace today.

Today, everyone can make their 3DPhoto and paste it into Myspace profile.

Functionality of this service enables you to place 3DPhoto, also in your personal blog, comments or group description and discussions.

Just folow that instruction:

1. Go to the and sing up for free.

2. Watch this videotutorial.

3. Make your 3DPhoto as shown and share it.

4. Copy and paste the HTML of your 3DPhoto into your MySpace profile.

3DBin team anounced that the widgets for MySpace and Facebook will be avaliable 2 weeks later.

Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Free content from

All posts in this category would be have FREE 3DPhotos of any products. Thats 3DPhotos was made by You can use these 3DPhotos at your blog, anywebsites or online shops / auctions to selling your items.

Using 360-degree product shots at yours website helps you increase your sales with its convenient, interactive, professional-looking and user-friendly description of your product. This not only increases the likelihood of them buying from you instead of a seller who doesn’t have 3D pictures, but also decreases the likelihood of returns – they’ve already checked out the product in detail and are less likely to be dissatisfied when they receive it. By creating greater trust between buyer and seller, customers return again and again, and don’t go looking elsewhere for their purchases.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What is 3DBin?

What is a 3D photo?

Imagine looking at the real thing and not just a photo. Thanks to new technology, we no longer have to rely on ‘traditional’ photos which are, after all, just a poor representation of the original. 3DBin is a new online service which enables you to create a more realistic 3-dimensional photo of an object or person. A 3D photo means you can look at an object from any angle and – by making use of additional features – you can make the 3D photo interactive. Add extra photos, text descriptions or user logo with user links.

It’s all very simple and takes less than five minutes. Using a normal digital camera, just follow the step-by-step instructions, take a few pictures of the desired object or person, upload them to and let our online service do the work. You need no special equipment and no special expertise. Anyone can do it.

3DBin’s online service is popular among private online sellers and online shops, and is also used in online auctions. Potential customers find this technology very convenient for checking out a product all over before buying. This not only increases the likelihood of them buying from you instead of a seller who doesn’t have 3D pictures, but also decreases the likelihood of returns – they’ve already checked out the product in detail and are less likely to be dissatisfied when they receive it. By creating greater trust between buyer and seller, customers return again and again, and don’t go looking elsewhere for their purchases.

Sellers find our service cheaper than paying for a series of photos from different angles: one 3D photo is cheaper than displaying several less-effective photos on eBay. Modeling agencies and online dating services using the online service at 3DBin to create 3D photos of their models and members gain a natural lead over their competitors. Bloggers and website designers find that using 3DBin makes their sites more dynamic and interactive, resulting in more visits and happier visitors.

As technology moves on, 3DBin gives you the opportunity to progress to 3D photos.
To find out more, visit

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