Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Make a 360 Degree Photo View of an Object

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The importance of choosing a high quality picture is highlighted by how you took your picture, maybe also affected by the lighting effect and how you Photoshop your picture by adding some cool effects on it.

Having a good and attractive professional style picture can have a big effect especially in advertising sectors based on how you market your product effectively. This is true for today’s technology world as you can see that how people market their products at online auction sites like eBay, Amazon, and any websites that people market their products.

Introducing you a powerful web technology to create professional looking 360 degree view of a product. This technology is supposedly built to help you market your product in a different way. It lets your visitors to see a full 360 degree satisfaction details view of your product by taking a full one round spin on it and also spin back again.
To use this service, just shoot your product or object with a camera by turning the object approximately by 15 degree in one direction once you have finished taking one picture continuously. There are 360 degree all together in one round, so at the end you probably will have 24 pictures taken. Like a GIF format animation file, the more frames of pictures you use, the smoother your picture move. Hence, the rotation will be more smoother for more pictures you take after those pictures are being converted into a special flash file where you can embed it later.
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