Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to create great product presentation for your website using 3D Bin

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Ecommerce market is growing rapidly, according to the research conducted by Forrester Research Inc estimated from US Census Department monthly retail sales figures, projected that 192 million U.S. consumers will shop online in 2016, up 15% from 167 million in 2012. Much of the growth in U.S. e-commerce sales comes from online retailers improving their web sites, services and selling tools.

The main goal for any online store is to gain traffic and enhance their sales through different selling tools. One of the most important selling tool is a good product presentation.

The components of a good product presentation are a full descriptions and a 360 degree view of the product.
The 360 view is more visually appealing to the customer because it can be seen from all angles. It is easy and affordable for any online store to create.

Here are simple three steps to create a great product presentation:

  • Take several pictures around the object on a white background. You can take pictures using a regular camera but using a tripod make things easier.

  • Upload your photos to

  • Get your own 360 degree view of an object within 5 minutes which you can share on your website.

You can also create a 360 degree view Product Tour presentation.
Here is an example of one:

If you want to learn more about 360 degree view or 360 degree view Product Tour, visit our website at!


3DBin Team

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