Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What is 3DBin?

What is a 3D photo?

Imagine looking at the real thing and not just a photo. Thanks to new technology, we no longer have to rely on ‘traditional’ photos which are, after all, just a poor representation of the original. 3DBin is a new online service which enables you to create a more realistic 3-dimensional photo of an object or person. A 3D photo means you can look at an object from any angle and – by making use of additional features – you can make the 3D photo interactive. Add extra photos, text descriptions or user logo with user links.

It’s all very simple and takes less than five minutes. Using a normal digital camera, just follow the step-by-step instructions, take a few pictures of the desired object or person, upload them to 3DBin.com and let our online service do the work. You need no special equipment and no special expertise. Anyone can do it.

3DBin’s online service is popular among private online sellers and online shops, and is also used in online auctions. Potential customers find this technology very convenient for checking out a product all over before buying. This not only increases the likelihood of them buying from you instead of a seller who doesn’t have 3D pictures, but also decreases the likelihood of returns – they’ve already checked out the product in detail and are less likely to be dissatisfied when they receive it. By creating greater trust between buyer and seller, customers return again and again, and don’t go looking elsewhere for their purchases.

Sellers find our service cheaper than paying for a series of photos from different angles: one 3D photo is cheaper than displaying several less-effective photos on eBay. Modeling agencies and online dating services using the online service at 3DBin to create 3D photos of their models and members gain a natural lead over their competitors. Bloggers and website designers find that using 3DBin makes their sites more dynamic and interactive, resulting in more visits and happier visitors.

As technology moves on, 3DBin gives you the opportunity to progress to 3D photos.
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