Friday, August 14, 2009

New application for Myspace and Facebook

"I'm not flat!" Thats is the credo of 3Dbin team via using social servises in the Internet.

This way might look your profile in Myspace today.

Today, everyone can make their 3DPhoto and paste it into Myspace profile.

Functionality of this service enables you to place 3DPhoto, also in your personal blog, comments or group description and discussions.

Just folow that instruction:

1. Go to the and sing up for free.

2. Watch this videotutorial.

3. Make your 3DPhoto as shown and share it.

4. Copy and paste the HTML of your 3DPhoto into your MySpace profile.

3DBin team anounced that the widgets for MySpace and Facebook will be avaliable 2 weeks later.

Stay tuned.

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