Monday, September 10, 2012

Anna Uvarova, CEO of 3DBin, Inc. tells all about how it works

Anna Uvarova, CEO of 3DBin, Inc, after winning the Funders and Founders conference,
Life 3.0 – Augmented Reality and New Media, gives an interview. 

Life 3.0 is an innovation show by startups that change the way you live.  Life 3.0 is the next era after Web 2.0, when internet comes off the screen and enters our lives. At Life 3.0 were presented by far the most innovative startups in augmented reality. More information about that conference and our start-up you can find at:

In the video we made after the conference you can learn the story of 3DBin project and How our service works. 
It is very simple: You just take several pictures around the object, post them on our web site: and get your 360 degree view in several minutes! You can also learn more about our 360 degree view service at
Please check out our video below and leave your comments! We are looking forward to see your feedback our 360 degree view service!


3DBin team

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  1. many Thanks to Funders and Founders conference from 3DBin!